Sunday, October 26, 2014

Diamond Sisters

Hey Guys, I am going to review these two amazing books! They are part of a series about three sisters who find out their father is billionaire.

Savannah- Is the youngest sister of the three. This makes her the immature one. She is always trying to fit in all the time. She is loving and bubbly type of character that you will love to hate.
Courtney- Who is the bookworm (she is my favorite) and smart one. She is always looking out for her sisters, even if she is not the oldest.  She follows the rules for the most part and loves school.
Peyton- She the rebel and does not care what people think of her. She very bold and independent for the most part.

"The Secret Diamond Sisters" by Michelle Madow is awesome introduction book to the life of the diamond sisters. You get to learn about their life, before their billionare father comes into the picture. They lived with their mother who is alcoholic  and their grandmother who has a sister who is really sick. You also get to learn about different minor characters , one being Madison who is the "mean girl".  Most of the book is around how they adjust to their new life in Vegas and their fun new adventures.  It is very cute and fun book to read.


                           "Has your mom ever told you why she left Las Vegas and moved back to Fairfield?." Adrian asked.
"All she told us was that she don't want us growing up around your kind of lifestyle," Courtney said softly. 
"And she was right," Adrian said. (83) 
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Thank you Michelle Madow for this sign copy!

"Diamond In The Rough" by Michelle Madow was a great ride.  I say this because, there was more going on in this book because you already know the sisters. TBH, I like this one better. Peyton gets her self in trouble. Savannah has big event happening. Courtney finds out a big secret that ruins her and the whole family. But there is more secrets that are revealed in this series... And the ending leaves you wanting more.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Rancher and The Rockstar

This book by Lizbeth Selvig was a cute and a different story....

The story starts off by Gray (The Rockstar) trying to find his runaway son. His son lands on this ranch where he meets a woman named Abby who gives him a job. 

Now Kim is Abby's daughter who is actually obsessed with The Rockstar ( shocker or not).

From the very first moment  Gray and Abby have this rocky relationship.
"Look, Madam Jabberingwickets, or whatever the hell this place is called. You've got my son."(8).

But sparks between them did fly, because Gray made up a song just for her :

"A storm-eyed girl took my hand one day, and said, Follow me, boy, I know the way.I went with open heart and soul, till the rain came down and she had to go."(21)

Which now I see could be seen as a foreshadowing of the novel, because Abby is a very independent women and does not let anyone do things for her. But, once Gray came along she had to let go of that power she had developed and for the better.

One of the reasons why I liked this book was because it is different, but also family-oriented . You have two sides the father who does not care much for his son till much later and then you have the mother and daughter.

" Can I get a tattoo? Just a little horse head or a dolphin or something?(Kim)
" If you get a tattoo before you're thirty, I'll disown you", Abby laughed (85).

Like any romance novel most of them have graphic sex scene or a imagine that you know what is seriously going on. However,  Selvig had a lovely way with words with this matter. My favorite sentence in whole book:

"She was  a glowing wood sprite, a fairy nymph, a woodland goddness" (323)

Get a copy why not! 

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

E-books Reviews in the month of August

  1. Take the key and lock her up by Lena Diaz If you love action and suspense check this one out! 
  2. Rodeo Queen by T.J Kline Like romance look into this book!
  3. Black Roses by Kay Blake   Want to read something short with a powerful message then get this! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

Thank you Liza Wiemer for this giveaway!

I want to start off by quoting the first two sentences : "Something was off. Cara Kryzik was no psychic, but the minute her bare feet hit the floor that morning, she sensed it."(1)

Just with that I was hooked! Cara is the main character in this book and her life is mess, when you get to know her. I love that she is a strong independent woman and she won't let no one stop her, even her own father! Her life is crashing down and to make matter worse someone is out to get her.But who and why? Can she fight it or will she surrender it all....
Is her best friend, Bert someone she can really trust?

There are crazy and fun adventure with two dogs.

"Poppy, come back!" (19)
"He  stole my dog..." (29)
"He has a dog of his own." (31)

Will Cara ever let any guy back into her life after her ex-husband cheated on her?
This book is  full of love and adventure.


Friday, July 25, 2014

A romance novel and the book I am still reading

It is odd if I start a series that is not finished, why because I get anxious and I like knowing that it ended. If that makes sense? 

      With that being said I was so exited when Laura Kaye announced East of Ecstasy was the last in her Hearts of the Anemoi series, I know sounds rude. But, I thought yes I can finally buy the whole series now! I had been following her for a while and also read a lot of reviews of her series. Ok so... to be honest I read a lot of reviews that sex scene were really well written so this got me curious. However, one of the main reason I also picked it up was the idea behind mythology. Growing up in the schools I went all these gods seem to be real, imagine by disappointment when I learned it was all a lie.
     So I started reading North of Need and I feel in love with Owen's character I mean who won't want a man like that! Rewind so Owen is a god, so why is he with Megan (earth)? He was snowman... but how did that happen... Can Megan stay with him and if so what must she do to be with him? Will she ever love him, after mourning her husband who died two years ago? Megan's Christmas will change forever! 
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Ok so this how I came across Gabby Bernstein, advertisement not cool. Why? To be honest, I would loved to know about her earlier.

Fine, that story is not important and if you think it is just ask me on twitter. I bought her most recent book Miracles Now , why I got it was that it has 108 tools (i call them tips ). I love yoga, but sometimes I really don't have time to do fifteen minutes as yoga (I hate saying this but let us be real ). Now I never practice meditation and yes it is different the way I see it (compare to yoga). That being said I am reading this slowly like a research book and underlining important key elements. The tips are short and sweet which can be plus if you want to read this in a day. Here is the issue about this book and lots of people will say it is very self promoted. I will agree, however the way I see it she wants people to share the knowledge. This book is something I will recommend if you are stress or have anxiety ! 
* BONUS IF you buy the book you get free videos by her.  Does not matter how you buy it! Click here for more info on her website

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Piano Man

The City by Dean Koontz comes out tomorrow (July 1st )

Here is the riveting, soul-stirring story of Jonah Kirk, son of an exceptional singer, grandson of a formidable “piano man,” a musical prodigy beginning to explore his own gifts when he crosses a group of extremely dangerous people, with shattering consequences.
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I want to start by saying this was not the type of book I expected. Why? Well for starters I was expecting more action and suspense. Therefore, the beginning did not draw me in the way I hoped. However, towards the end there was a little more action going on and some sadness too. There is a lot of back and forth about Jonah Kirk's life.  I was not fond of this concept,  because I felt it was all over the place. As you might notice, I did not enjoy the novel as much. However, I liked the details and how poetically well written it was. I will share some excerpt below:  

" The street maple, which would be scarlet by October, were green now, and a faint breeze trembled the leaves, so that on the [...] (47)."
             " Birds sang in the trees, crickets chirruped in the grass, bouncy doowop music came [...] (156)."

I do want to share my favorite character which is a very important in the novel her name, Miss Pearl. She is " the soul of the city" and does this for millions of people, but she tell Jonah ( she calls him Ducks) that he is very important to her.

If you like beautifully written novels, history, music, or simply a boy narrator then this is the book for you!   

Friday, June 20, 2014

Roald Dahl

The picture above is a picture I took from my trip to the museum. This is the front of The Roald Dahl museum and Story Centre located in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire (London).
This is the famous "Hut" where Ronald Dahl spent four hours writing some of his greatest stories! He spent a great deal here and always with six sharped pencils to write.

I grew up reading his books, but I don't read all 17 ( children books). I read the most known ones and I read them twice. 
2. The BFG
3.Charlie and the Chocolate factory 
( The first book was published in 1964 and since then it has been translated in 58 languages)

This shows a picture of the first published book in 1964
In the near future I will own all of  his books children and adult. After all, his books were the reason why I started reading. He will always be my favorite author!

           PS- This is the link of The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre